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Table of Contents

Part One: Strategy
1. Strategy and the Fat Smoker
2. Strategy Means Saying “No”
3. It’s Not How Good You Are; It’s How Much You Want It
4. Are We In This Together? The Preconditions for Strategy
5. What’s Our Deal?
Part Two: Client Relationships
6. Do You Really Want Relationships?
7. The Friendship Strategy
8. Doing It for the Money
Part Three: Management
9. Tyrants, Energizers, and Cynics
10. Why (Most) Training Is Useless
11. A Great Coach In Action
12. A Natural Manager
13. Accountability: Effective Managers Go First
14. Selecting a Leader: Do We Know What We Want?
Part Four: Putting It Together
15. The One-Firm Firm Revisited
16. Managing the Multidimensional Organization
17. The Trouble With Lawyers
18. The Chief Executive’s Speech
19. Passion, People, and Principles