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post # 485 — January 11, 2008 — a Strategy and the Fat Smoker post

Two weeks ago, I published a post indicating that an ebook of Strategy and the Fat Smoker was now available. The response to the new book, both in hardback and ebook versions, has surpassed many of my expectations.

A number of you expressed concerns that the ebook could not be printed, but only viewed on a computer screen, describing this as a major inconvenience.

So, in my ongoing efforts to be responsive and client-centric, I have asked my tech team to make adjustments to the ebook so that it CAN now be printed out. You can now purchase it here in its printable format.

If you have already bought a copy of the ebook and provided an email address, you will automatically be sent an updated copy that can be printed. If you purchased a copy and do not hear from us in the next few days, send us an email at The Spangle Press.

Thank you for your continued support.

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