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A Entrepreneur’s Lessons

post # 537 — April 25, 2008 — a General post

GL HOFFMAN, Chairman, JobDig, and Linkup has created a free eboook about the 100 “learnings” he has experienced after 25 years in starting companies.


GL Hoffman said:


Thanks for passing the 100 Lessons along to your readers. Hopefully, some of the lessons I have learned and paid dearly for, will help your readers avoid a mistake.

I am very interested in this topic/subject and welcome any feedback or comments from people who have traveled similar roads.

best, GL HOFFMAN, Minneapolis, MN




posted on April 25, 2008

David Kirk said:

GL, some interesting comments. Some a little obvious, but others really made me think – always a good sign.

As a relative youngster, I’m always eager to hear from people who have been there done that already. However, only some of the points made include anecdotes or real stories to make the ideas come to life. Others are just snapshots of wisdom, which could be as much from Oprah or Baz Lurhmans “sunscreen” song). Maybe I am too young just to listen and accept the point.

One further little point – I wasn’t blown away by the one idea per page format. Made reading it more difficult, although I supose the idea itself has merit.

posted on May 1, 2008

gl hoffman said:

David…you make some good points that would improve the idea and e book. My only excuse is that I am not a writer so what you got are snippets of learnings, not fully developed chapters. If I had some time, er, energy around this, I could come up with more illustrative stories. Do you think I should?

thanks for taking the time to respond with these on point comments.


posted on May 1, 2008