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post # 100 — June 7, 2006 — a General post

David at Faneuil Hall

For my 100th post, a day of major celebration!

Today, at 12 noon, I go to Faneuil Hall in Boston to take my oath to become a citizen of the United States of America.

Thank you, America!

I take my oath in memory of my English parents, Alf and Bertha, who encouraged me to pursue my dreams and abilities, wherever they took me.

In memory of my aunts, Paula and Betty, US citizens since just after World War II, for inviting a very innocent teenager to spend the summers with them and first introducing me to the wonders of this fabulous country.

Thanks to Jim Heskett, Bob Hayes and (the late) Daryl Wyckoff who guided me through my studies at Harvard Business School, keeping the faith (when I had none) that I would graduate, and for helping me win a position on the faculty of the school in later years, thus enabling me to build a career in the US.

And a universe of thanks to Kathy, my very American wife, for everything and more.


Coert Visser said:

Congratulations! All the best, Coert

posted on June 7, 2006

Bill Peper said:

Congratulations. In light of all of the struggles and turmoil we face as a country, it is great to be reminded of how lucky we are for the freedoms we enjoy.

posted on June 7, 2006

Lars Plougmann said:

Best wishes for your continued success in the land of your opportunities. What a great freedom to be able to choose where to be a citizen.


posted on June 7, 2006

Mike DeWitt said:


Best wishes on your day, and what a great venue for the ceremony! Very glad to have you as a fellow American.



posted on June 7, 2006

Edward Gabrielse said:

Welcome aboard and thanks for contributing to the wonderful diversity that makes this country so great.

posted on June 7, 2006

Bill Sherman said:


Congratulations on this milestone for you!



posted on June 7, 2006

Erin McCune said:


Our country is richer with your citizenship and that of many others who strive to become Americans.

Please vote regularly and responsibly. People around the world struggle for the freedoms we enjoy; yet many Americans do not vote. (We had a primary here in California yesterday and turnout was meager.)

Best wishes,


posted on June 7, 2006

Shaula Evans said:

My heartfelt congratulations, David. I’m so pleased for you and Kathy both.

I hope part of your celebrations this week will include registering to vote, so you can fulfil the paramount responsibility of a citizen in a democracy: casting an informed vote.

(And if you need someone to nag you to remember to vote—in primaries and local elections as well as the big November races—well, that’s one of my specialties and you know where to find me.)

posted on June 7, 2006

Rich Berger said:

Congratulations, David. You are a welcome addition to the USA.

posted on June 7, 2006

James Bullock said:

Congratulations. And thank you.

posted on June 7, 2006

Debra Bender said:

Congratulations! And welcome!

posted on June 7, 2006

Matt Ginn said:

Welcome aboard! And thanks for blogging and posting your work.

posted on June 7, 2006

mark brady/fouro said:

David, how fantastic! Funny tho, somehow I figured you’ve already got the Life, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness thing down cold. Best wishes from a half & half—we’re better for having you.

posted on June 8, 2006

S. Anthony Iannarino said:

Congratulations, David! It gives me great hope for the US that smart people still want to come here and become American citizens—despite all of our problems.

We are pleased to have you.

posted on June 8, 2006

John Flood said:

Many congratulations! Having just been to a friend’s citizenship ceremony in London, I realise there is something quite moving about this rite of passage.

posted on June 8, 2006

Ted Harro said:


First, congratulations and welcome.

Second, I was in Boston yesterday at that hour and can only apologize for the truly horrific weather served up for your important day. If you survived without looking like a wet rat, you did better than most of us.

posted on June 8, 2006

Lex McCafferty said:

Congratulations, David. And thanks for sharing … your enthusiasm and excitement leaps off your post. I share it and I’m not even a US citizen!

posted on June 8, 2006

Ed Wesemann said:

It is a natural aspect of humankind that we take whatever we value most for granted. In the U.S. it continues to be the boundless opportunity. Thank you for reminding me of that and congratulations on your citizenship.

posted on June 9, 2006

Stefan Topfer said:


Congratulations, now you will be part of what makes America so great, you have a vision and most of all you care.

posted on June 9, 2006

Leo Bottary said:

Congratulations! Growing up in Boston, I can imagine it was an added thrill to become as U.S. citizen in that hallowed place. Best to you and your family

posted on June 10, 2006

Gavin Sheehan said:

From Shaula’s right-hand man, a warm and heartfelt congratulations to you, David. As I am presently working my way through immigration into Canada, it is always great to hear a success story. May the U.S. remain good to you!


Gavin Sheehan

posted on June 12, 2006

Ava Thorin said:

Dear David,

My deepest and most sincere congratulations. Welcome. May your adopted homeland continue to fill your life with peace, joy and love.

posted on June 12, 2006

Mark Kraemer said:

Don’t discard the your British passport! You now have the added benefit of choosing the shortest line in customs when coming or going across the pond.

But in all seriousness, congratulations and best wishes. Stories and testimonies like yours are a great reminder for us natural-born citizens not to take our country for granted.

posted on June 13, 2006

Shaula Evans said:

As promised, here’s your personal election reminder, David. Best wishes on casting your first vote as a newly-minted American citizen.

posted on November 7, 2006