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[Updated] For Those who Like to Listen

post # 42 — April 2, 2006 — a General post

To accommodate Easter Weekend schedules, the launch date of my new podcast series, “Managing Professionals: Attitudes, Skills & Behaviors,” is moving to Tuesday, April 18.

Just added to my audio page an interview with me on a podcast series called The Cranky Middle Manager Show.

Also, we are coming to the last episode of my podcast series on Marketing Professional Services. Starting on April 14, I will be launching a 15-part podcast series ‘Managing Professionals: Attitudes, Skills & Behaviors.’

As before, this will be available on my podcast page and through various podcast outlets. (The last series was featured as ‘New and Notable’ in the Apple iTunes music store). I’m hoping for similar exposure — it’s like having your new album displayed at the front of the record store. Quite a rush!

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