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Passion, People and Principles

Survey Results – new strategy videocast & audiocast

post # 348 — April 9, 2007 — a General post

In Survey Results, the third episode of my live videocast and podcast series, we will examine the correlation between a company’s internal culture and the companies overall financial success. The results (from my book PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH) show the key to organizational success is the ability to energize, excite and enthuse the people who provide the organization’s services.

The key is to get on the improvement path. What is the best way to motivate and mobilize your organization?

Audio Timeline:

00:38 — Introduction

01:04 — How does your office live up to its standards?

02:13 — The constant falter: ANYTHING to do with people

03:50 — Energy, Excitement, Determination, Passion, and Ambition: the only competitive advantage

05:26 – Conclusion

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