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Lessons from a Natural Manager – new careers podcast episode

post # 307 — February 12, 2007 — a General post

As a business school professor and as a consultant, it has been my job to teach people how to be effective managers, and how to build successful businesses. Dyelry (Jerry) Labbate, the manager of the exercise gym I attend in downtown Boston, seems to have figured the art of managing out on his own.

My latest podcast episode, A Natural Manager, explores crucial lessons on effective management from the Jerry’s intuitive managerial approach.

All these lessons apply in other workplaces, even among highly paid people with advanced degrees in glamorous professions (though they don’t always like to admit it).


00:51 — A brief professional history

02:23 — Essential hiring practices

05:25 — The importance of clarity in employee training

08:13 — Structuring monthly meetings with your team

10:33 — Dealing with underperformers

13:05 — Takeaway lessons from a natural manager

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Dave said:

Thanks for this article!Very useful , especially for me,future manager!Found some interesting tips that i’ll try to follow them in my future career! On the whole , thanks a lot to you for your blog!Always very interestin’ to read!Good luck!

posted on May 9, 2007