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Feb Top 5 Roundup

post # 320 — March 3, 2007 — a General post

In Trite Formula? I asked why performers always thank their audience. Sometimes, it’s actually because they ARE grateful! And sometimes it’s because the audience really is a major part of the experience and the show!

So I’m going to offer a special thank you here to all those who contributed to make these posts the most read, linked and discussed ideas here in the month of February. And to the “pure audience” members: don’t just sit there, clap your hands!

  1. Perspectives on Careers

    Twelve tips to seize control of your career and take responsibility for your own success, with a collection of great responses and reactions from readers.

  2. What Managers Do Least Well

    A discussion of why managers are perceived to do such a bad job of dealing with underperformers.

  3. Ayn Rand

    Ayn Rand’s philosophy of enlightened self-interest remains a major influence on my thinking — and clearly resonates with many readers of this blog as well.

  4. Self-Promotion

    A lively discussion about why we find it hard to market ourselves, and what we can do about it. (Don’t miss out on the Business Masterclass podcast episode, Self Promotion which incorporates reader’s contributions on the same topic.)

  5. A Case Study in Professional Ethics

    Do you have the guts to “take it on the chin” for mistakes on your team, even when it is a junior’s fault, or your client hasn’t noticed the mistake?

If you still have ideas or opinions to add in to these or any other discussions on the blog, please join in!

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