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Do You Kindle?

post # 522 — April 7, 2008 — a General post

A couple of weeks ago I received my Kindle from Amazon – an electronic book.

I love it already.

I love the fact that if I want a book, I can have it within less than a minute or two, downloaded wirelessly. No longer do I have to wait for overnight delivery.

If I’m doing some research, I can download four or five books that seem to be relevant, quickly skim them (the machine is GREAT for skimming) and then only order (if at all) the hardback or paperback that I want to have on my shelf. (My shelves are already saying Thank You)

I can set the type size to what I find easiest, rather than what the book publisher chose.

I can get on a plane or be stuck in a hotel room with a wide variety of reading matter, ready (like my iPod) to switch to something else according to mood. No more last-minute scurrying to wonder what I’m going to pack for the trip, and no more buying trash at the airport bookstall because that’s all they have.

I have subscribed to the Kindle version of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, so I have my own copy, even if the hotel I’m stuck in on the road either doesn’t stock them or has run out.

I’m hooked!


Charles H. Green said:

Me too, huge fan!

Plus you can email to yourself for free (well, ten cents) the draft of the latest article you’re working on; subscribe to the Washington Post or the Irish Timesand have it download automatically; get on to Google (for free); and various other good stuff.

The only fly in the ointment is the very bad ergonomics. Excellent screen, readibility and size; but you can’t hold on to the thing without inadvertently turning a page forward or back. Still, net net, I’m addicted to it too.

posted on April 7, 2008

Tracey Segarra said:


I got my Kindle about a month ago, as a present from my husband – and I am a walking commercial for it on the streets and subways of New York City (people are always looking over my shoulder and asking me about it).

As a working mother of 7-year-old twins, suffice to say I haven’t kept up with my reading in the past 8 years. Those days are over. I have now read 10 books on my Kindle and can’t wait to download more.

There is no joy to compare to reading the NY Times Book pages on Sunday, and ordering a book wirelessly minutes later. Or downloading a book from the Long Island Rail Road after listening to a seatmate praise it to the skies.

One of the books I’m reading now is War and Peace, a book I certainly would never have lugged around as a commuter to/from NYC or heaven forbid, on an airplane.

I still love browsing bookstores and holding tomes in my hand, but for someone who thought she would never read an electronic book, I am a true convert!


posted on April 7, 2008

Alex Andrei said:

With so many ringing endorsements, maybe i should try it. My reluctance has been the price.

posted on April 7, 2008

Lawsuit Loan said:

Even i have heard a lot about it and now i am really tempted to try it.

posted on April 18, 2008